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How can the e-commerce industry reduce costs?

In the past two years, due to the disappearance of the consumption Internet traffic dividend, the marketing costs of all e-commerce industries have risen, whether it is beauty or bag e-commerce, it is difficult to compress costs in logistics links, and prices are not competitive, etc. E-commerce urgently needs to find new channels and marketing methods. Nowadays There are two marketing models Can bring to the e-commerce industry New marketing thinking 1 DTC mode The original intention of DTC (Direct To Consumer) marketing is to directly face consumers. It includes any communication activities aimed at terminal consumers. It is closer to consumers than traditional media TV advertising. It pays attention to consumer behavior and Consumer user experience. Take the perfect diary as an example 1 In 2016, the perfect diary was born 2 In 2017, own Tmall flagship store 3 In 2018, I participated in Double Eleven for the first time and broke through 100 million sales in just 90 minutes 4 From January to April 2019, Perfect Diary ranked first in beauty makeup sales on Tmall 5 In 618, 2019, Perfect Diary was ranked Top1 on Tmall for the first hour Perfect Diary broke out in the fiercely competitive cosmetics market and became the "light of domestic products" in the beauty market. The main strategy of Perfect Diary is to launch small red books. There are no agents and retailers between products and consumers. Media companies have no traditional media, and products are directly oriented towards consumers. Through cooperation with KOLs, bloggers at all levels share their product experience and use short videos to poke the pain points of consumers in an intuitive way. The current Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Kuaishou, Station B... can all be used as platforms for e-commerce to conduct DTC marketing. 2 New retail model In 2016, Jack Ma proposed new retail for the first time in his speech. Recently, the concept of new retail has become a big hit. So what is new retail? New retail refers to individuals and enterprises relying on the Internet to upgrade and transform the production, circulation and sales processes of commodities through the use of advanced technology such as big data and artificial intelligence and the use of psychological knowledge, thereby reshaping the business structure and ecosystem , And a new retail model that deeply integrates online services, offline experience and modern logistics. Simply put ❐ Use AI and Internet big data to accurately locate target customer groups ❐ Combination of online and offline, combining the experience of offline scenes and the convenience of online consumption ❐ Pay attention to social interaction with acquaintances, invisibly increase the trust in the product, the community group buying method reduces the shipping cost, and the product is easy to become a best seller In the future, online sales will no longer be constrained to the e-commerce model. The development of self-media, the consumption outlook of millennials, and the sinking market purchasing power that cannot be underestimated will force e-commerce to find breakthrough points in marketing. 3 At last When e-commerce merchants are struggling in the market, our source factories cannot rest on their laurels. They also have to adjust themselves with market changes. Now the consumer market’s requirements for product appearance, product quality, and interest in products are all Xin Xin Yu needs to consider. Recently, according to market data feedback, Shenzhen Xinyu Handbag Co., Ltd. released a new laser bag. Fashion trends take turns to seize the market aesthetic cycle. With the existing sales momentum, new lasers can be favored by the trendy market whether in terms of visual aesthetics or quality details. volume_up content_copy
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